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Every so often our lovely customers drop by to give us their testimonies on our products that they’ve purchased. Here are just a few.


Eye Mask Collagen



I love these eye masks! They are so refreshing to use! They feel a little cold on your skin which is great after a long day and afterwards the delicate skin under my eyes feels lovely and smooth and slightly plumped. I find they brighten the under eye area too which is a bonus as I have quite dark circles. Before you apply them make sure you are make-up free and your skin is totally dry or they will not stick properly (I found this out on my first attempt as I didnt wait for my face to dry properly and they just slipped around causing me to poke myself in the eye!). I use them quite regularly and they are excellent value for money.


Lady of the flowers

Really relaxing and cooling that’s without putting in the fridge. Easy to use I massage the additional liquid into the sides of my eyes and a stubborn furrow figure any help it can get is good. Skin feels soft on removal



Laser Freckle Removal Machine



I bought my first cosmetic device. After I read the manuals I thought would be sensible to watch few videos before I start to dig into my skin.
I had several black spot to remove and the device made it without a problem. Don`t forget to sterilise it before and after use,
In overall good quality product.



Yep, this thing works on your skin. Does it sting? A bit, but nothing intolerable.

I had several medium sized skin tags around my neck. I tried tea oil, bunch of other topical treatments that did nothing more then burn or irritate the surrounding skin, but the skin tags just laughed and went about their way growing slowly with time. I bought this and much to my surprise, this thing zapped those things off in just minutes.

It does sting a bit, but really nothing terrible at all. I started at a “2” setting which wasn’t doing much, then moved slowly up to “6”. At 6, this this creates a continues small spark and literally burns the skin tag. I started at the end of the skin tag (farthest away from where it attaches to good skin), and while it does work like that, it slowly burns the flesh away – and stinks real bad as the skin turns to smoke.

So, I found that working down at the base where it attaches to the skin actually “cuts” the skin tag off, and cortorizes at the same time, so there’s no blood. After 30 seconds of the sting, I actually barley noticed any pain (most like because nerve endings were being cortorized), and the skin tag literally fell off. I was left with a red spot where the skin was of course “burned”.

The next morning, one of the spots was actually a bit blackened from what looked like some dried up blood. The three tags I burnt off, now are fully healed and just slightly red, no more then a mild shaving irritation. But they are gone,

Would recommend it to other who need to remove any spots on their face because this thing actually works.

review image review image review image review image



It’s so glad to give a review to such an amazing product!!!!!! My nice first bought it and after about two weeks, could see how her skin looked amazing. I was a bit undecided due to having a sensitive skin though I went for it, what a fabulous decision I made my skin has gone from okay to an amazing one. Thanks to my niece am even going to buy one for my sister on her birthday.


Stuart Cassidy

After opening the box and seeing the needles was a little reluctant to try it as it looks way to scary! The instructions weren’t great so I relied on the instructions on line. It’s not bad, doesn’t hurt. Setting 1-3 has a slight sting but nothing sore. Haven’t had the guts to try 4-5 yet! There is also a burning smell when your doing it but that’s how you know your actualy burn something. So far have tried it on my freckles and they seem to be scabbing off but I’ve only done a small patch
review image


Suction blackhead remover 


Natalie Price

review image

Great product, only had it about a week but already can see a difference .It is a bit drying to the skin but a good moisturizer can be used to correct this.


Laura Roper

A fabulous active charcoal face mask. I wish I had discovered it sooner. My clean feels cleaner, looks brighter and my bad skin is clearing up faster than I’ve seen before. I would recommend this to anyone.



Lavesh Lashes 



Alecia Hagerdon
5.0 out of 5 starsThis stuff works!


I have been using Rodan & Fields lash boost for about a year now. I just can’t afford it. But with Lavesh Lash, I am getting the same results for a fraction of the cost. I have tried a whole bunch of different ones and this is by far the most bang for the buck!
marianna vidrak

January 23, 2019

I wanted to wait until I’ve really used the serum before leaving a well informed review. It’s been about two months and I can honestly say, IT FRIGGIN WORKS!

Much like many other 90’s idiot trend following teen girls, I overplucked my eyebrows, rendering them useless. I’m proud to say that over the past two decades I have mastered the art of brow penciling but my life long desire has always been to sport pencil free, pronounced brows.

I won’t mislead anyone here, I still need to pencil them in a bit. But in the two months that I’ve been using Lavish Lash, I have gone from basically filling in a few sad, sparse hairs I called eyebrows, to simply filling in an actual, real-life eyebrow. I can even go outside without filling them in and not feel like everyone is judging my terrible plucking choices. There’s still work to be done, but there’s been a significant growth and I look forward to more of it. It didn’t happen overnight, I’ve been using the serum pretty consistently for two months, give or take a few days. But the result is definitely there. I’ve also noticed my eyelashes got fuller. Nothing crazy but definitely much more filled in and I’ve been getting compliments on them (got one last night, wearing barely any mascara).

So for anyone questioning on whether the serum works–it has for me. You do need to commit to making it a part of your nightly routine but what’s an extra minute for a healthy looking brow?

I didn’t take the before pics and chances are you guys won’t be too impressed with the after but if you’d seen what they looked like before, you’d all be very excited for me.