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Heated Sonic Face Eye Massager, Anti Wrinkle, Dark Circles


[2 types of massage modes] 1 ultrasonic massage + blue light beauty is moisturizing and elasticity UP; age troubles; 245±5°C thermal care + ion introduction+ultrasonic massage + red light este improves blood flow and lymphatic flow to penetrate the skin into a sharp skin.

[Five special features for the eyes] Various functions such as ionic introduction, thermal heating, sound waves massage, red LED, blue LEDs, and many other functions in one of the following: eye bear care, eye care, eye wrinkle, eye sagging, regulatory lines, nutrition, whitening, moisturizing, and improving skin color.

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Heated Sonic Face Eye Massager, Anti Wrinkle, Dark Circles

[Ultrasonic vibration + thermal massage facial cleanser] When applying heat to high-frequency vibration within 1 second, tighten the facial muscles while relaxing to activate cells, improve metabolism or reduce skin swelling. Accompanied us. Use a cosmetic gel to massage your area of concern, such as eyes, mouth and facial lines.
[Ion Electroosmotic Facial Device] By applying a weak current to the skin by iontophoresis and enhancing the permeability of the cosmetic ingredient, many cosmetic ingredients can be delivered to the back of the skin in a short time. So if you use an iontophoreser, you can focus on wrinkles and ruling lines that bother your eyes and mouth.
[Light Beauty Beauty Face] 413nm Blu-ray beauty treatment inhibits the active oxygen as the origin of acne, improving acne and oily skin! Improve the skin texture or improve stains, wrinkles and sagging through a thermal vibration massage with 625 nm red light beauty treatment.
[Two massage particles] ion introduction + ultrasonic massage + blue beauty treatment is moisturizing and elastic UP, worried about age. 45 thermal care + iontophoresis + ultrasonic massage + red light beauty essence penetrates the essence of the skin to the back of the skin by improving blood flow and lymph to skin firmness.
[Easy home maintenance] USB charger is so small, so it is easy to see in the morning. When you go out to watch TV at home, such as sleeping at night, you can easily go to the doctor at any time. If there is a problem within the 1-year warranty period, if you contact us by email, we will deliver the new product or refund according to the decision of the official dealer. Please be assured that we will respond to you within 24 hours.






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