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Sleek™ Women’s Pain Free Electric Hair Removal

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Sleek™ Women’s Pain Free Electric Hair Removal


The New Gold Standard in Instant, Painless Hair Removal

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From the world’s #1 facial hair remover for women, Floating Knife Net, comes Floating Knife Net – a remarkably painless and instant hair remover with a finish smooth as waxing. Floating Knife Net is showerproof and can be used wet or dry, however, no creams are necessary to get that smooth finish. LED lights help illuminate the skin so you never miss a spot! Floating Knife Net is gentle on all skin types – this revolutionary butterfly technology assures no nicks, cuts, burns, bumps or irritation. Rechargeable battery makes this item portable and cordless for ultimate convenience.

  • Revolutionary shower safe electric shaver, with 18K gold plated heads, that contour to every curve
  • Ergonomic and palm perfect design is great for legs, bikini, underarms, ankles and any area prone to getting nicked or cut
  • Built-In LED lights make it easy to see; rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it cordless and portable


What else you need to know:

The Fastest, Easiest, Pain-Free Way To Get Smooth, Floating Knife Net


  • 18-Karat gold-plated floating heads
  • ‘Palm perfect’ design for superior control
  • No nicks, cuts or irritation
  • No soap or water – use anywhere, anytime
  • Rechargeable and lighted
  • Safe on all skin types

Floating Knife Net breakthrough design gives you 4 times more coverage than razors. Floating heads contour to every curve – even small, delicate areas around ankles and knees. Plus the built-in LED lights make it easy to see and remove it all with no nicks, cuts or irritation.




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