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This is how LED light masks work for the face

This is how LED light masks work for the face

LED light masks


This is how LED light masks work for the face

The last vein against acne, blemishes or wrinkles are LED light masks. Here we will tell you how they work, which are the best, and some other things that you should take into account if you want to get one

Several scientific studies have proven that LED light technology has a direct action on the skin, with different benefits that depend on the color they emit. This is called photodynamic therapy.

And it is curious because the first studies of this technology were developed at NASA in the 1960s with the aim of promoting the growth of plants in space. In this process they observed the incidence of this light on the tissues of the body, especially in healing and repairing the damage effectively.

Of course, the photodynamic therapy technology “came down to earth” and many celebrities did not hesitate to rush out and try it: a red carpet is a challenge in itself! Treatments with LED light masks have results from the first sessions. And against speed, you can not compete.


What does photodynamic therapy consist of?

The process resembles photosynthesis. The LED light is applied through a mask directly to the skin. The rays emitted by the mask are like the sun’s rays but without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

“Unlike other facial treatments that use lasers, LED light does not heat the skin or cause pain,” says Cristina Alvare, a beauty expert and avid user of LED light masks.


  • Red LED light mask, use this to repair damaged tissues, reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Red Led light penetrates the most superficial layers and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Blue LED light mask, indicated for skins with acne tendency. It acts by penetrating the pores and eliminating the bacteria that cause the appearance of acne. It also reduces enlarged pores.
  • Green LED light mask , for skins with excessive pigmentation or spots. Helps healing and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.



Orizon Photon Therapy Light Treatment

The Orizon LED facial mask is a convenient and more affordable way to heal skin through LED Lighting. This portable device uses red and blue LED lights to treat acne in 10-minute sessions through high-speed filtering on the skin. “Blue light kills bacteria while red light reduces inflammation linked to acne,” explains Naomi Furgiuele , Senior Director of Global Facial Care Research and Development at Johnson & Johnson.

P.Acnes is one of the main bacteria that causes acne. It has a hidden weakness: it generates the “porphyrian” molecules, which absorb the energy of the blue light emitted by the mask and produce free radicals that destroy the membranes of their own cells, thus causing their own self-destruction.

But another key element of acne is inflammation , which is at the same time one of the roots of the cause of acne itself, causing redness and swelling of the skin. The red light acts as a disrupter of this vicious circle, reducing inflammation by reducing hyperkeratinization, a factor of clogging of the pores that contributes to the appearance of acne.

The mask was tested with 52 people with mild and moderate acne, resulting from the experiment that 80% experienced fewer acne breakouts with only one week of treatment. Over time, the results continued to improve and after 12 weeks, the study concluded that 98% had fewer outbreaks and 94% had smoother skin.

How does it work? First, plug the activator into the mask so that the silver part is not visible. Then, wash your face and put it on. Press and hold the power button for a full second. The treatment lasts 10 minutes daily. The mask will be turned off by itself and you can use it daily for the duration of the outbreak.


7 lights against 7 problems | Orizon Photon Therapy Light Treatment

In addition to the fight against acne, this LED light masks has also joined the boom of LED home masks.


The mask includes 7 lights of 7 different colors to treat different types of skin needs.

  • Red: Anti-aging It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Green: Stain-resistant. It helps eliminate dark spots on the skin.
  • Blue: Anti-acne. It destroys the bacteria that causes acne.
  • Yellow: Tension (lifting effect). It helps reduce redness and irritation.
  • Cyan: Calming anti stress. Relax, energize and calm sensitive skin.
  • Purple Healing. It helps to heal wounds and diffuses the consequences of acne and treats redness.
  • White: Flaccidity. It helps to attenuate fine lines, regenerates aging skin and improves sagging.


The technology is not invasive and also enhances the penetration of the serums applied after the mask.

How does it work? First clean the face well. Then place the mask and with the TIME and ENERGY buttons, adjust the time and intensity of the light depending on the treatment chosen. The recommended time is half an hour that can be used in a session or in two 15-minute sessions with two types of lights. When the time is up, the mask is turned off by itself and you can apply your usual serum to enhance the effects of the applied LED light.



Rejuvenate, 2 Heads Photon Ultrasound |LED + Microcurrents

Rejuvenate goes a step further and adds more functionality to your home LED light device: the microcurrents stimulate the production of collagen and improve circulation.

Rejuvenate handheld device


Rejuvenate is not exactly a mask, but a device in the form of a facial brush that is applied in the same way as the devices of pulsed light on the skin, through light pressures. It is the bet of the firm in LED territory with which it aims to improve the dermal texture through cell renewal. It offers four phototherapeutic programs:

  • White LED , to reduce the signs of fatigue in the skin.
  • Green LED , to help unify the tone.
  • Red LED , to return elasticity and firmness.
  • Blue LED , to reduce imperfections and enlarged pores, helping to control sebum production.

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